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Window Cornices, for sale at The Blind Gallery in Meridian, ID
Parkland™ Cornices with Parkland™ wood blinds

Enhance Your Windows with Cornices

Cornices add beauty and function to any room. Use them along with an under-treatment to hide hardware and room imperfections and make the room feel cohesive and thoroughly thought out. Or use them alone to simply add style and character. Cornices are the cherry on top of your windows and décor that can function solely for function or as an eye-catching fashion piece. Whatever look and feel you want for your room, cornices can amplify this style and add tons of character to a space.


Cornices are constructed from genuine hardwood and crafted to fit any frame. Cornices are versatile in that they can be customized in any way that you see fit for your décor. When you are designing the cornices, you choose the stain, paint color, and fabric that fits best you’re your personal style.


Like previously stated, cornices are a great way to add character to your décor. Because you choose the perfect fabric or color for your cornices, you can amplify the style within your room without ever having to settle. Cornices can be used in several ways in your décor. If you want to add depth, add a bright and bold color to the top of your windows to make your windows the center of your design. Pair your cornice fabric color with the accent colors within your room for an easy way to tie your windows into your décor. If you prefer a more neutral palette but still crave some life in your décor, cornices are a great place to add texture to spice up your neutral palette. Choose fabrics that are patterned or feature distinct textures in neutral colors for an easy way to bring life to a boring color pallet.


In addition to the color choices that are available, cornices can also be designed with unique extras to add even more depth in your décor. Because of the freedom customization allows you, anything you have in mind for the shape and style of your cornice is possible. Decorative additions, like tassels, studs, hand painting, fringe, and exaggerated patterns are great ways to make your windows stand out and feel unique to your style. In addition, Cornices can be shaped exactly how you want. Unique shapes, like scalloped edges or draping fabric are an easy way to add drama to your décor.
Fabric Cornices, for sale at The Blind Gallery in Meridian, ID
Wood Cornices, for sale at The Blind Gallery in Meridian, ID
Parkland™ Cornice with Parkland™ wood blinds

The Blind Gallery has a variety of cornice choices available and can help you transform your windows. If you have more questions about the perfect cornice for your home, or want to get started on the design process, contact the experts at The Blind Gallery in Meridian, Idaho today!

Please contact us to get started with your project.
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