The Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments

You’ve probably seen motorized windows before, but have you ever considered whether they are a good fit for your home? If you love the idea of adjusting your window treatments with ease and without having to manually do so every time, then motorized shades are the perfect choice for you. Here are only a few of the advantages that adding motorized window treatments can bring to your home.

The Benefits of Motorization

When it comes to adding motorized shades to your home, you’re ultimately looking for the convenience it offers as well as an easier method for adjusting your window treatments. This is the biggest benefit to motorized blinds, as you can easily open or close your windows from the comforts of your couch with a remote control. Being able to program different settings for your individual windows in various rooms also gives you the best coverage for light control, as they will adjust automatically even when you are away. This is not only an added safety benefit for when you aren’t home, but it also saves you costs on your energy bill by blocking as much natural light throughout the day as possible. The fact that most motorized units have the ability to run from battery power is also an additional energy saver when it comes to bills.

PowerView™ Motorization

For those seeking the definitive system for motorized shades, Hunter Douglas designed PowerView™ motorization with the convenience of their customers in mind. This unit can be controlled with numerous methods, such as the Pebble Remote Control, the PowerView™ Surface Wall Mount, and even the PowerView App available for smart phones and tablets. It’s easy to see why this award winning system is so popular with the capability of programming up to six settings for individual window treatments even if they are in different rooms, all available through the Pebble Remote Control. That means your windows will adjust at the exact time you have programmed even if you aren’t present to push the remote. If you’re attempting to automate your entire home, PowerView™ pairs with several other systems as well as being applicable to most all Hunter Douglas shades. For more information on how to obtain PowerView Motorization in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas, contact The Blind Gallery.

Why Motorize?

You may still be asking yourself why you should motorize your window treatments even if it does offer convenience. There are times when using a motorized unit may be the only option if you want to safely and adequately adjust your shades. For example, a larger window or a series of sliding glass doors will require an elongated window treatment that may be heavy and difficult to move. In this case, motorized shades would not only be helpful, they can automatically move your window treatments without pushing or pulling, saving wear and tear as well as the potential for harming your shades. If a window inside your home is out of reach and too high to adjust, a motorized unit would be more safe when it comes to adjusting than attempting to climb up or reach your treatments. Given that motorized operating systems make your windows cord free, you can enjoy your home with peace of mind, knowing that your shades are safe for small children or animals. Not only does a cordless system mean a safe home, it also gives your windows a clean appearance without clutter or mess, making your home more organized overall.

That is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits you can realize from choosing a motorized window covering. For more information or to find out how easy it is to add motorized blinds or shades, contact the expert staff at The Blind Gallery today. We will be happy to discuss the many benefits motorized window fashions give along with showing you the beautiful window treatments we have that are available with a motorized operating system.