Choosing An Operating System for Shades

When it comes to top quality shades for your window treatments, Hunter Douglas has you covered, and when paired with one of their many operating systems you can easily transform your home into an efficient living space. Whether you are choosing a motorized operating system or a more organized cordless shade, the professionals at The Blind Gallery can help you select the perfect system that works with your choice of window treatments. Check out the many operating systems that Hunter Douglas offers and the benefits of each.


PowerView™ Motorization

If a completely hands free system is exactly what you’re looking for, the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ motorized operating system offers these conveniences, plus much more. This design comes with the PowerView™ App for smartphones and tablets for easy use from your handheld device, as well as the Pebble Remote Control and PowerView™ surface wall mount to complete home control with a touch of a button. You can personalize different settings for individual rooms throughout your home and even coordinate your shades to operate according to the time of day and the amount of sun each room is receiving. If you’re away from home and forgot to close your blinds, the RemoteConnect™ feature allows you to control your shades with an internet connection from anywhere at any time. Not only is this convenient, but it also provides your home with more security by creating the appearance that someone is home. Even though the PowerView™ is a motorized operating system, it still remains energy efficient, operating strictly off of battery power that is aesthetically hidden in the headrail of the system. If you’ve chosen other operating systems for additional devices in your home, the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ is capable of integrating with most other automated systems, giving you full control of your home with ease. 

LiteRise® & UltraGlide®

Fully powered operating systems and extensive technology isn’t something that everyone desires in their home. For a simpler yet still operable approach, Hunter Douglas offers their LiteRise® and UltraGlide® systems that aid in lifting or lowering your shades but without remote controls or buttons. For example, the LiteRise® operating system can be pulled downward with a simple touch of your hand and raised with an easy push up. There are no cords with the LiteRise® system, making it a great choice for a home with small children or pets. Even without cords, this system remains in place and hold shades effortlessly without hassle. If you prefer cords for a classic look and familiar operation, the UltraGlide® system is a perfect choice. With an easy to lift and retractable cord, raising and lowering your shades is simple, and the cord remains the same length despite how high or low you adjust them, giving your windows an organized appearance without a long cord distracting your view or posing danger within your home.

Versatile Operating Systems

Not all windows are shaped the same, and with a variety in sizes and placement, you’re left wondering if an operating system is even possible for your treatments. Luckily Hunter Douglas covers all window designs and offers several operating systems that fit unique ideas or spaces. With their Top-Down/Bottom-Up feature, Hunter Douglas offers a system that can lower the top portion of your shades while leaving the bottom in place. Not only does this create a one of a kind appearance, it helps to combine the perfect amount of adjustable light while still allowing for privacy. From Roman shades, to Honeycomb, Cellular, Pleated, and woven woods, the Top-Down/Bottom-Up design pairs with numerous Hunter Douglas shades and even comes with the TiltAnywhere™ feature that lets you also tilt vanes with the Silhouette® series while still giving you the ability to adjust your shades from the top or bottom. For those large and oversized windows or patio doors, the Vertiglide™ system is built specifically for covering vertically oriented spaces or even as a stylish room partition. If simplicity for your shades is what you prefer over other operating systems, go with the dependable Hunter Douglas EasyRise™ system for the traditional and familiar continuous cord and loop design.  For more on operating systems for your shades in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas, contact the professional staff of The Blind Gallery today for your personalized and custom designed treatments.