Should I Choose Hardwood Shutters or Faux Wood Shutters?

If you’re upgrading your windows and are looking for a timeless addition to your home, choosing Hunter Douglas wood or faux wood shutters can provide stylish and ample coverage. When it comes to choosing between real wood or faux wood, consider the following tips on how to select a shutter for your needs and consult the staff of The Blind Gallery for more information on how to choose new shutters this season.

Wood Shutters

There is nothing more beautiful than authentic wood shutters covering a window, allowing your treatments to stand alone as an elegant centerpiece of a room. Even though natural wood shutters can be a classy addition to any home, you may want to consider the care and costs involved before making your final decision. While natural hardwoods may be more expensive than faux woods, they prove more detailed and unique in their style. For example, the individual characteristics of each piece of wood on your shutters can not be replicated, making the natural beauty and grain of real wood certainly worth the price. Given that wooden shutters can be left natural, stained, or painted, you have a variety of choices when it comes to color options as well. They are also treatments that will be long lasting if cared for properly, making them an investment that will pay off for many years to come. The thickness of real wood shutters provides great privacy and light control and also acts as wonderful insulation for your windows. Even though these treatments are constructed of thick wood slates, they are surprisingly light weight, unlike faux wood, which makes them a perfect choice for those larger windows. While real wood may be thicker, it still remains more fragile than faux wood, and should not be placed in rooms where a lot of wear and tear may break down your treatments, making it a great choice for living rooms or office spaces. Cleaning real wood shutters is also a concern, as water will disfigure them and harsh chemicals may spot or stain them.

Faux Wood Shutters

There is no denying the appearance of wood nor the benefits that it offers. However, the maintenance of caring for real hardwood can be tedious, which makes it a poor choice under certain circumstances. If you enjoy the look of wood but not the hassle of caring for it, consider faux wood. These shutters are man-made from composite materials which makes them extremely sturdy and long lasting. Due to their durable construction, faux wood shutters are simple to clean since they are not damaged as easily from water or cleaning chemicals like real wood, nor are they as likely to scratch. Faux wood shutters work great in rooms that retain moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens, as well as rooms where sunlight is most abundant given that they do not crack, fade, or bend under direct light or heat. If you have a room that you would consider a high traffic area in your home or perhaps business, faux wood shutters will work perfectly as window treatments that can withstand a lot of use and more frequent cleanings in comparison to real woods. Even though faux wood proves more resilient than real wood, it lacks the natural grains and subtle variations you get with the real material, making it hard to match other wooden trims or décor inside your home. Faux wood is also more heavy than natural woods, making it difficult for anyone who considers using these shutters to cover large or expansive windows as they will be hard to adjust. If you’re considering wood shutters in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas, contact the expert staff at The Blind Gallery today for more advice on choosing the right shutter for you.