PowerView Motorization: Smart Shades

Updating your home usually means making it more user friendly, and with PowerView™ motorization from Hunter Douglas, even your window treatments can get the attention they deserve. Check out the many benefits that adding PowerView™ can have for your home and help make your daily life less stressful.

Adjust Your Window Treatments With Ease

The convenient concept of adjusting your windows with the touch of a button or from a remote control is now a reality thanks to the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ motorized operating system. With this unit there are several control options available, making the daunting task of adjusting your window treatments several times per day for proper light control or privacy more tolerable. You can operate your Motorized Shades with the efficient Pebble Remote Control that along with the PowerView™ App has the capability of programming six groups of window treatments that can be set to open and close at various times throughout the day. You can even customize the settings by room name and the different scenes you create for each treatment. If you’re still looking for a permanent control inside your home along with the remote, PowerView™ Surface Wall Mount is a perfect addition. For those moments when you leave in a hurry and are unsure of whether you’ve closed your windows for privacy, you can download the PowerView™ App to your tablet or smart phone for easy adjustment on the go.

The Additional Safety of PowerView™ Motorization

While you may have your home or business equipped with an alarm system, there is no better crime deterrent than actually being present on your property. With motorized window treatments, you can enjoy the benefit of shades and blinds that operate with or without our assistance. When you are away, someone casing your home or office will pass your place by when they see your window treatments move like the building is occupied. If you can’t remember if you closed your blinds or shades, you can access your window treatments from anywhere in the world using the Internet. This makes keeping your home and family safe simple. Motorized window treatments are designed to operate effortlessly and in most cases have no wires or cords so they are safe in homes where small children or pets live. If you already have some home automation, PowerView™ works with most systems on the market today.

Energy Efficient Motorized Window Treatments

Your window treatments can be used to add energy efficiency to your home by opening and closing properly based on time of day and when the sun is at it’s hottest. This can be quite a task if you think about having to adjust shades to block the sun,s heat during the hottest part of the day in the summer and then making sure those same window treatments are open during the winter. Some people also prefer to open and close shades on the south or north side of the house different than the other windows in the room. With PowerView™ Motorization, you can easily program your window coverings to accommodate a schedule that will provide you with the most energy efficient use of your window treatments. This will cut down on your heating and cooling bills and also make sure your heating and cooling system lasts longer. If you’re considering PowerView Motorization in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at The Blind Gallery today for more information on how to update your windows.