Shutter Styles and Hinge Placement

When it comes to window treatments that not only cover your windows but do so with elegance and grace, plantation shutters are on the fore front. From their natural hardwood appearance to their sturdy construction, they are the perfect upgrade to make your home’s interior distinguished and they are capable of being the highlight of any room. For more attention grabbing window treatments, consider the various hinge options for installing Hunter Douglas shutters along with the different styles they have to offer.

Bi-Fold Track

Plantation shutters are great for covering your windows efficiently from top to bottom with louvers that are adjustable, however there are times when an unobstructed view from your window is nice. For those moments when you want to open up your home to sunlight and fresh air, Bi-Fold Track is the perfect hinge choice for your shutters. This unique system is made to hold up to six panels that can be hinged together, making it a great choice for windows that you open regularly. Each panel is connected to a top track and easily slides inside the track for guidance. With an operating system that works much like folding doors for example, Bi-Fold Track systems open completely to either side and remains in place until you’re ready to close them again, allowing you to adjust these treatments as much as you like or close them completely. This system is available for all of the Hunter Douglas shutter lines, and makes for an easy yet efficient way for opening and closing your windows.

Bypass Track

Even though the Bi-Fold Track gives you the freedom to completely open your windows to the side, there is always the hassle of having the shutters stick out slightly while in this position. For those who seek a modern yet simple answer to opening their shutters, look no further than Bypass Track. With this system, your shutters are capable of sliding from side to side, going past one another for a clear view. Since Bypass Track uses panels that run on a top track to open and close, using it on a daily basis is simple for those high traffic areas in your home or business. Bypass Track is also a great choice for larger windows or sliding glass doors, especially when paired with the Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters for their resilience to sun, heat, and moisture as well as their light weight construction. This system is available for all Hunter Douglas shutters however, and makes for a great choice for any window or door you want to cover.

Hinged Panels

For those who wish to keep their old fashioned plantation shutters traditional with a sense of the past, Hinged Panels are the perfect option and a common choice for many people. With two panels that are hinged to each side of a window frame, they meet in the middle creating a T-post frame when completely closed. The difference between Hinged Panels and Bi-Fold Tracks are the fact that the shutters can be pulled and opened to one side or another without folding in half. This opening system pairs wonderfully with the elegant and traditional styles of Heritance® real hardwood shutters, but can also pair with the faux wood hybrid NewStyle® shutters and Palm Beach™ shutters as well. If you are attempting to cover more than one window in your home, consider combining the different styles of hinge placement for your shutters depending on how frequently you will be using them and also the type of window or room you will be placing them. Still unsure of which system to choose? Contact the experts at The Blind Gallery today for more on selecting shutters in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas.