Make A Statement With Plantation Shutters

There is no doubt that window treatments can add décor and liven up the atmosphere for any room. When it comes to plantation shutters, they are a timeless fashion that still remain trendy and modern today even with their traditional appearance. There are countless ways to give new life to this old-fashioned window treatment though, and with the help of the professional staff at The Blind Gallery, you are one step closer to ensuring your home has the most up-to-date plantation shutters that fit all your design needs.

Choose Colors

Most of the time when you think of colorful or bright window treatments, wood or faux wood shutters are the last thing that comes to mind. Although wood shutters do offer a one of a kind look with wood grains that occur naturally in the product, this design isn’t the only option when it comes to decorating with real wood shutters. Even though staining natural wood brings out its true essence, it can also be painted for a more modern feel. Hunter Douglas offers their Heritance® line of shutters in a variety of colors from natural tones to painted favorites such as white, black, and grey, as well as numerous stains to enhance their appearance. Adding color to your window treatments can help you match existing décor or accents throughout your home while also making your window treatments pop when you enter a room.


There is no doubt that shutters make for one of the best window treatments available. They remain an elegant choice for covering windows, but there are several other uses for plantation shutters inside your home that you may have overlooked in the past. Sliding glass doors, for example, are a common entrance that allows ample light into your home. Instead of letting harmful UV rays and warm sunlight inside, consider covering your sliding glass doors with plantation shutters. With operating systems such as Bypass Track, you can install your shutters over your glass doors with the ability to slide them back for access at any time. You can also place plantation shutters over closet spaces or utility rooms inside your home for coverage and privacy as well. If you’re using shutters around an area with moisture, water, or heat, such as a laundry room or covering those sliding glass doors to prevent sunlight, Palm Beach™ shutters make for a great option considering they are constructed of a polysatin material that proves resistant to cracking or warping when exposed to extreme elements.


Your home should be an extension of you and your personal style, and with plantation shutters, you don’t have to sacrifice classy elegance for boring window treatments. If choosing colorful shutters isn’t enough to spark your interest, you can continue to add flair to your windows with several other options that are available. Although most plantations shutters are beautiful enough to stand alone, you can certainly add your own personal touch with customized drapes or even valances. There are also numerous options for installing your shutters as far as hinge placement, as well as using double hung windows which gives you the ability to open louvers on the top treatments while the bottoms remain closed. This makes for a great option inside your bathroom or any space you desire optimum privacy but also want light as well. Remember that regardless of size or shape, shutters can be customized to fit any window in your home, making them a durable and long lasting treatment that will bring out the best in your windows for years to come, especially when covered with extremely durable faux wood blinds such as NewStyle™. To acquire more information about decorating with plantation shutters in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas, contact the experts at The Blind Gallery for a consultation today.