4 Tips For Decorating With Modern Shades

Choosing a shade for your window treatments is important for privacy and light control but in today’s industry, adding décor to your home with your choice of window coverings is a great way of offering fashion and function at the same time. The staff at The Blind Gallery is ready to help you choose a great and decorative shade for your home that satisfies your personal style. Before deciding on which shade you want, consider some modern decorating tips and how to use your window treatments as a stylish statement.


Bold Prints & Colors

The best way to add flair to any home is to add color or bold prints that match or accent your existing décor. Roman shades are wonderful options for those who desire bright colors or modern prints available for fabric shades. Given that this fabric can be trimmed or accented to match other colors in your home or a particular room, Roman shades are great for customizing and personalizing your home’s decor. Their elegant folds present another dimension to their appearance, giving them a sophisticated feel along with festive colors or prints for a unique design, found in the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades.


Roller shades are also a great way to display large printed fabrics and bright colors that continue to block sun and provide privacy in a simple and efficient manner. Much like the Roman shade but without folds, the Roller shade offers modern prints, a variety of colors, and many textured or non-textured fabrics available in several thicknesses. Their contemporary appearance without cords and ease of use make them great choices for daily function in your home as a fashionable window treatment. For a Hunter Douglas roller shade that offers design and function, look no further than their Designer Roller Shade series. With many prints available and an array of color options, this series of roller shades offers the perfect combination of flair and purpose, and can be a great method for covering larger patio doors as well.

Fashionable & Efficient

Nothing satisfies like a window treatment that is not only fashionable but also energy efficient. The Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades are the perfect example of stylish function and provide your home with beautiful window treatments that protect your home in so many ways. The cellular design of the Honeycomb shade gives it several layers of insulation against your windows, allowing them to keep heat and air inside to maintain a constant temperature, ultimately saving you money in energy costs. Considering the Honeycomb shade is a great insulator, it’s also perfect for keeping exterior noise at bay. This shade doesn’t lack in appearance or style, and with its cellular designs covered by your choice of fabrics in a variety of colors, you can easily decide which colors are right for your home. Honeycomb shades can also be paired with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up lift feature or a variety of other operating systems for added function and style.


When you are home, comfort and relaxation are top priorities, and a colorful or bright window treatment may not suit the atmosphere you desire. For those seeking a more natural or earth tone for their personal space, consider woven wood shades for a sleek and modern look that is still functional. With the Hunter Douglas Provenance® line of woven wood treatments, you can achieve this level of casual style and comfort with shades woven from various grasses, reeds, and wood for durable construction. This particular style is available in a Roman shade design, as well as roller shades and a vertical orientation that can serve a variety of uses throughout your home, depending on the room you choose to decorate. You can add even more style to your treatments by selecting a matching valance for your woven wood shades or even edge banding for a personalized and custom appearance. For more on stylish shades in Meridian, Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas and how to choose the best option for your home, contact the friendly staff of The Blind Gallery.